What is this all about?

The idea of this blog is to hopefully help and guide you to make the right choice for buying.

Which item is the most convenient ?

This is the hard question. Since everybody has their own unique needs. For example, if you live in the city, muscle cars are unnecessary since it won’t be able to let all their horse power go wild due to the city’s strict speed limits.  In this case, a small car is simply suitable for parking, especially in Paris where I live.

History changes and objects adapt and mend accordingly. From house phone to mobile phone based on practicality when you want to call or be called outside home.

Some items are more appropriate to certain occasions and places as well. A tuxedo is accepted more for a wedding than tracksuits.  On the other hand, track pants are perfect for exercising and tuxedos are not.

Finally and this is probably the most important point here; « investigate ».

Ask yourself why ? Just like any good sales associates from any stores would.

Why do you want to buy this item, the purpose (essential or simple pleasure), the usage (for everyday, or only special occasion), and the aim (invest or use it till the end).

All these leads you to one conclusion. Only you can find the answer. Not me and certainly not the sale associate who is probably too busy calculating the commission. It is YOU.

Remember « Luxury » is a dream emphasised by poetry and that is also call clever marketing.

Since most things have already been told or known, my job here is simply to try to neat them up to help you see clearly and find your way through this clever brand marketing strategy.


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